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Remote Dog Training

Endless “Pawsibilties”

I founded Pawsitive Dog Training, LLC, with the vision to help owners and their dogs live a wonderful life together through the use of behavior training & obedience. Training your companion adds so many benefits to your life, and to that of your dog. Remote Dog Training is a simple, convenient and an affordable way to get to your goals. All you will need: 

  • Smart phone or laptop

  • Video chat capabilities using either FaceTime, Facebook Messanger or Google Hangouts 

  • Tripod or Creative angling using furniture 

  • Bluetooth headphones  

  • Your dog & some tasty bite sized training treats! 
    (There may be some additional recommended training tools to purchase based on necessity.)

Their are endless possibilities we can accomplish with this style of training. Whether your desire is to work with a Certified Dog Trainer for consulting work on behavior issues or training pivotal foundations to promote good behavior we can go over it all! Clients eager to pass testing or are in need of learning to owner train a service or therapy dog have been taking advantage of these services during the pandemic as it is 100% social distance friendly! I know each animal is different, and I’ll work with you to give them guidance that is tailored to their needs. Join the new “modern” way to train your dog! 

$180 for Four Sessions**Special Pandemic Pricing 

  • Includes one Training & Behavior Consultation (~90 min)

  • Three (1hr) Training Sessions 

Remote Dog Training: About Me
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