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Testimonials: Testimonials

“Lindsay is absolutely phenomenal. She trained my girl, Jasmine, who I rescued as a young adult. Not only does she have extreme knowledge about dog training but she is excellent in training humans on how to properly train their dogs! I wish she was able to train my other baby, Bo. However, with the wonderful training we received with Jasmine, my husband and I felt like we had a great handle on training Bo. But, be sure if we rescue another dog we will be going to Lindsay for sure!!”

Lauren Witts

“Very impressed with techniques provided by Lindsay. Her skills and training plans are so in tune with a dog’s thought process. This is evident as you see the work become a permanent way of life while you work with her in training your furry family member.”

Christine Stucke

“Lindsay is hands down the greatest trainer of all time! From her kindness towards the animal, to the sheer knowledge of all breeds she can handle everything. Wouldn’t want anyone else to train!”

Joseph Bauer

"My boyfriend, Tre and I have been taking remote training classes for our dog Honey, and they have been a blessing! This has been a great way to lay foundational skills for Honey. Honey is 3 sessions in and is quickly learning place, leave it, and leash training. Remote Training with Lindsay, during this pandemic has been interactive, educational, affordable, and a great way to make purposeful use during our time at home with Honey."

Jena Elizabeth

"I cannot stress enough how AMAZING, INTELLIGENT, and PATIENT Lindsay is. My little god pupper came home on Monday after a two week session with her and I am blown away by the awesome work Lindsay has done. This is the first step to Luna living her best life. This little girl refused to go outside the yard, was scared inside the yard, less than two weeks ago. Now she just dragged our roommate Michael(who owns the pup) on a mile and a half walk around the neighborhood. All of us are shocked, excited, and re-energized! Cheers to a brighter pupper future! Can't wait to get my dogs back in training! Lindsay manages to inspire even the most heartbroken, frustrated, and generally exhausted owners. I am pumped up to get back into training!"

Jenna Versaggi

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